What Is The Perfect Photo To Put On Your CV?

It should be banned

Yes. A company should hire us for our training, experience, languages or references, but never for our image (well, unless we are models, actors or the like). The pity is that the world is not perfect yet and although in certain countries it is not even well seen that the curriculum be photographed (England, USA, Canada, etc.), in Spain and Latin America we continue to maintain a clearly discriminatory custom (remember when you run your own company to change this).

It is like this, so if we want to be hired, we have to put a photo on the resume. Now, how do we choose the best photo for a CV?

Turn to the professionals

Not only because the lighting, the framing and the background will be appropriate, but because we will give a more suitable image and because the photographers also have to eat. If you think that you will do better than them, who have been trained and have better materials, think about how ridiculous and annoying it is for you that someone who has no idea thinks that they know more than you about how your profession works (teachers, doctors, lawyers, criminologists, psychologists …, you know very well what we mean).

But if you decide to do it yourself

1. Call a friend to take your picture

Even if you think you look spectacular in selfies (and surely you are), there is nothing professional left. The ideal is to use a SLR camera and not a mobile, but not everyone has one. Anyway, it would be nice if you and your friend read these tips on posing before starting the session.

2. Don’t be a floating head

Ideally a medium shot. No loose heads or full bodies.

3. Choose a neutral background

Make sure you’re not in the bathroom or anything like that (we already have enough bathroom photos on Instagram, thanks). If you have a rigid blind at home or a smooth wall, the better. It is also a good idea to go outside to find a suitable fund or place yourself in an office as if you were working there.

4. Take care of the lighting

It is best to do it in the sun and early in the morning, but we must avoid the sun hitting us in the face so that a burned photo does not appear. It’s about trying to have studio lighting, not beach lighting. Theirs is that the light comes from behind the camera, but in a dimmed way.

5. Smile but don’t overdo it

His thing is that you are relaxed and that you smile a little to appear friendly and close. No laughter (it’s for a job, not a party) or funeral faces (you’ll put them on when you find work and have to enter the office at 8:00). Duck snouts and marked biceps, no thanks.

6. Dress appropriately

The way you dress says a lot about you. Think about the position you intend to apply for and dress appropriately, but without giving up your personality. No need for ties or hairstyling picks. Try to be the best professional version of yourself so that your personality is reflected in the photo and, of course, do not let the brands of clothing you wear show or wear a T-shirt or sweatshirt with witty phrases. According to professional ghostwriters if you’re going to put on makeup, don’t overdo it Make it flattering, but as natural as possible.

7. Keep a relaxed attitude

It’s important that you don’t appear uptight or stiff. A formal but relaxed pose or a little forward-leaning will be the best options.

8. Keep an eye on the camera position

Ideally, the camera should be at the same height as us so that it does not accentuate flaws, so if your friend is shorter or taller than you, ask him to crouch or rise above something, or sit down yourself.

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