Why is Water Testing Important In Today’s World?

Water quality in today’s world cannot be taken for granted. There are several factors that will come into the picture once you opt for water testing modules. Many factors in today’s world can lead to contamination of water. Some of them include ageing water distribution systems, unknown water quality, unnecessary plumbing at home etc.

Many people don’t realize that the municipalities who supply water can be contaminated too. Most of them don’t follow the quality standards and keep supplying substandard water. Even though public water departments work really hard to ensure hygiene, still water testing remains dominant.

Going by the properties, few contaminants are not that easy to detect. And as soon as the water gets disbursed from the treatment plant, contaminants can still enter the water system finding gaps from the ageing pipes.

Private water sources have their own source of challenges and need extra precautions. Since the private well’s water quality generally is at more risk. This happens when the water comes in touch with man-made as well as naturally occurring substances. Therefore, water testing becomes more prominent in such cases.

Whether you are in private or public municipality water supply, testing is important. Having your water tested will help you access the quality of the water.

Common Water Contaminants And Problems


This is a naturally occurring metalloid which is found in the groundwater. Going by the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, arsenic can enter the water system through natural deposits from agricultural as well as industrial pollution. In the case of drinking water, it is odourless or tasteless. Most of the people are unaware of the fact that private as well as public water contain some amount of arsenic.


It is another major metallic substance that can lead to a major concern for water contamination. The ageing infrastructure, poor water management, and lead-containing water pipes are some of the major reasons why people have now shifted to water testing as a precautionary measure. Municipalities are also required to maintain that level of hygiene. While leaving the tank, it will get mixed while flowing through the service lines.

Cloudy Water or Turbidity

Greyish water is caused or appears in dissolved solids and is called turbidity. Water can occur naturally turbid from activities like urban runoff, storms, construction, etc. There are several degrees of turbidity and if though the water looks clear it still may have dissolved solids. For determining the turbidity level water testing is essential.


Being a natural solvent, water can dissolve almost anything. With what your water gets mixed up determines the contamination level. Place of residence, tubs, sink, and other appliances contain iron that can contaminate water. Usually, iron stains are very difficult to get rid of. This is where water testing can help and confirm the level of iron present in the water. It is very important to maintain the level of iron in water as it may lead to several diseases. Most of the people are unaware of the fact that iron can contaminate water severely.

Hard Water

As the water moves from the mountains, it gets mixed up with calcium and magnesium and can give rise to something called us Hard Water. It is nothing but the layer of spots which is left on the silverware and can scale up using different appliances. Several houses have hard water and a simple water testing can tell you whether the water is softer or harder. Also, hard water is not that good for your health. An appropriate amount of hard water is never a problem. Therefore it is important to keep the testing done properly and timely.

Bacteria And Viruses

Every year there are several cases in which waterborne diseases are the significant ones. Such illness is caused by the viruses and bacterias that make their way to the water plant. Therefore every water plant nowadays has better water management possibilities to get rid of contamination. Also, water testing plays a crucial role as it helps in determining how much of the impurities get mixed with water. The overall possibility can help us in avoiding the danger of contamination priorly. Therefore it is always recommended to make sure testing is done in a coordinated manner.

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