The Basics of an Explainer Video Illustration

An explainer video has got a lot of traction these years. This form of marketing video has been proven to help businesses gain customers fast. Thanks to its powerful storytelling, an explainer video can capture the audience’s attention faster and leave them stunned with its illustration.

The illustration itself can vary, in line with your presentation’s tone and the nature of the business you serve — it can be humorous and cartoony, or much more elegant, stylish, and business-oriented.

However, creating an attention-grabbing illustration is challenging work as explainer videos are mainly based on it. The job will determine whether your video is visually catchy or not. When you find your own style that fits the targeted market, you can get the most outcome of an explainer video.

This article will guide you to what’s essential in making an explainer video illustration that benefits you the most.

The Explainer Video Illustration’s Basics

The illustration plays a big part in creating an awesome video. Below are essential steps you actually want to spend hours to produce a well-illustrated explainer video.

1. Identify Your Goals

Understanding the goals can help you narrow down what’s essential to do. Moving on with the flow without knowing where your explainer video goes can take your production much longer.

But when you exactly know what your goals are, it becomes easier for you to make a plan. An explainer video has its own purposes already, such as bringing in more leads. However, it can be different when identifying your illustration goals.

You may want to impress people with an elegant illustration. Or, you want to create higher engagement with a fun visual. This is the goal you ought to identify before crafting the image in the first place.

2. Know Your Audience

One of the common mistakes marketers have is the lack of market research before launching a certain campaign. They probably think what works for the others will work for them too, while it never does that way.

There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to marketing campaigns. That’s said, more often than not, marketers rely on what’s trending on the market without acknowledging that their approach isn’t in line with their business.

So, following the trend isn’t always helpful for every business. If possible, you can create your movement to get wider exposure.

What you need to do is to understand who your targeted audience is. This way, you can address their pain points with an illustration that fits their needs.

3. Write an Engaging Script

Writing a compelling script is undoubtedly challenging as you need to deliver the message concisely without making the audience bored or overwhelmed. Besides, you want them to stay on the video until the end because that’s where the punch line appears.

The tip is to write as you talk. That’s because your explainer video is an indirect conversation between your brand and the audience. When you can address your message as if you’re talking with them, your video will get a higher engagement, urging them to take action immediately.

Your script should also fit the illustration you make in the beginning. If you fail to match the words or tones, your marketing video will be a mess from the first point on. Incorporate the perfect style for your visual can engage the audience more effectively.

4. Develop a Storyboard

At this stage, the visual elements of your video begin to take shape. Developing a storyboard will help you envision what the final video looks like. It’s an essential step to make your illustration alive and a vital opportunity to make everything even more straightforward.

You can begin with sketches designed by your team, at the same time, apply the script you wrote before. Incorporate the movie direction so you’ll grasp how you should animate the video or shoot at a certain angle.

In this part, you’ll find out what’s missing in your animation video and what can be improved from it. This is where you make corrections to fill out the void in your overall illustration and script.

5. Animate the Final Design

Finally, you get into the last crucial step of making an explainer video illustration. At this stage, you need to choose the best option to produce your marketing video.

You can hire an in-house team, send it to a video production company, or do-it-yourself. Although it’s best to hand over your brief to the expert, you can always choose what fits better to your budget and capability.

If you’re confident in producing on your own, make sure to understand the basics of shooting an illustrated video. Do in-depth research and gather all the equipment and software needed beforehand. So, you won’t get too overwhelmed when it’s time to shoot.

But if you don’t want the hassle, you can go over the production company to discuss what’s best for your marketing video. After all, it’s the campaign you make a “bet” on for your business.


An explainer video illustration is widely used to generate leads effectively. The reason is that people are drawn to visual things like an illustration when it comes to digesting information. This marketing video can help the viewers engaged until the end—making it one of the best campaign options in the marketing world. Not to mention that understanding the basics of producing an illustrated explainer video allows you to create the best one.

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