Is It a Good Idea to Create an Original CV?

In order to stand out from the other candidates when searching for a job, your curriculum vitae must be unique and attractive. Nowadays, recruiters judge a CV at first within an average time of 6 seconds. Knowing that many job applicants decide to create original resumes. But unique does not necessarily mean original so, is it a good idea?

Relevance is Key

Recruiters do not have the same views on originality as far as CVs are concerned. Nonetheless, they all agree that the relevance of the application comes first. Originality is a subjective notion that can be appreciated in different ways depending on recruiters. They regularly receive original resumes anyway. As long as the message you want to convey remains clear and the application remains relevant, originality can be a plus.

Moreover, there are different ways to submit an original CV. Currently, making a CV in video format is an original process, the cover letter must be personalized, the application as a whole can be communicated via different channels which can be perceived as original (hand delivery, co-option, etc.). But what matters above all is the relevance of the structure and the content. In other words, the CV must be adapted to the company and the position sought. You can click here to create your CV in an original and effective way.

The Originality of the Content is Important

Many recruiters note that the uniqueness of a path evokes the fear of being sidelined in candidates, pushing them to erase anything that really stands out such as an atypical skill or experience. Therefore, they tend to compress their career path, skills or non-linear choices in their professional life, all of which creates, on the contrary, the perfect originality of a CV. Nothing attracts more recruiters than special content.

Most of the time, candidates think that the originality of a resume only refers to the CV layout and presentation. But remember it must match the content. When a recruiter is attracted by the uniqueness of your CV appearance, they expect to read information that is also out of the ordinary. That does not mean you should invent things but if any element can make your CV content unique, do not hesitate to add it to the document. Just always keep in mind that relevance comes first. It is better to submit a classic but pertinent CV instead of an original but irrelevant one.

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